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ToG - Violet Flame by xTwoHeartsx
ToG - Violet Flame
Just a quick crappy fanart, for affectional purpose & self-pleasing only

Okay, fangirling moment is finished. :la:

Jyu Viole Grace (25th Night) - Tower of God (c) SIU
Emlyn - Ran by xTwoHeartsx
Emlyn - Ran
Application for :icone-m-l-y-n:


Name - Ran

Age - 19

Gender - male

Height - 5’5”

Race - human

Job – tailor helper

Orientation -  ASEXUAL (or so he insists)


Perfectionist // Irritable // Helpful // Innocent // Stubborn // Honest

One glance, you see a young girl. Another glance, after you greet said young girl with a “Miss”, you will get an angry scold, since yes, Ran is apparently a man. Ran is not someone you will find as friendly and cheerful. He can yell at anyone without any caring – except to women. Ran is easily disturbed and annoyed, and when that happens, he doesn’t hesitate to show it (by throwing tantrums) or ‘repair’ it (meaning, he would end up yelling at someone to do better or doing it by himself while complaining all the time). His perfectionism makes his temper worse – whenever he sees something that dissatisfy him, he will absolutely grow angry and do anything to make it better. Related to his job, Ran will get into his temper tantrum when he sees a loose button or broken thread.

Aside from his temperamental personality, Ran likes to help people around him. If he sees a child falls, he would help the child while scolding him/her to be more careful. Ran is very innocent too – he never lies and has no dirty mind at all. Since he never loves (or likes, really) anyone, he doesn’t understand anything about intimacy and has never done any of such thing too. The closest person Ran likes would be Chun Tian – who would be able to stop Ran’s blabber mouth by his mere presence. Although Ran idolizes the North Guardian so much, he doesn’t dare to get close to him so they haven't spoken to each other yet (even though the teen has prepared Chun Tian’s favorite alcohol).

Ran doesn’t dislike people – he just has his own choice and way in befriending people. And his personality also makes him harder to accept and be accepted by most people. But when he finds his true friend, he will devote himself to his friends and trust them absolutely. Sometimes (or most times, actually) Ran shows his affection in a way most people would find annoying (like nagging or bringing useless things for them) so usually people misunderstand him.

Ran likes to wander off to Ceres Forest’s border, enjoying the natural and quiet environment, and sometimes, trying to find a cute monster (ignoring their hostile acts towards him). His only protection is his low-level Wind magic, so he doesn’t dare to wander too far away, but whenever someone capable enough is about to go to the forest, he would try to follow them, not caring he is being an annoyance.


    *        Artistic and beautiful people

    *        Cool temperature

    *        Nature and monsters (even though the monsters don’t have mutual feeling)

    *        Running away from his work

    *        Dressing up (no, really, boys can dress up too without losing his manliness!)

    *        Privacy and personal space

    *        Reading

    *        Tea

    *        Parties and festivals (he likes seeing fancy things)

    *        Showering (useless) gifts to people he considers as friends

    *        C-C-C-Chun T-T-T.... *Ran is blushing like crazy*


    §  Being all cheerful and happy (because he NEVER smiles! Remember that!!)

    §  His work

    §  People who are being too friendly and/or touchy-feely with him

    §  Being called or mislooked or mocked as a female

    §  Heat

    §  Imperfection

    §  Physical labor

Magic – Wind

Even though his job doesn’t need magic ability, Ran has been able to use Wind magic since his younger days for safety reason


Ran is not originally from Emlyn. He was born in a far away place from North, across the Ceres Forest. His parents brought him away from their hometown when he was 2 years old so he doesn’t remember his birth place at all, just blurred reminiscence. They went through the Ceres Forest with many difficulties, and deaths were daily things for them. His parents and him travelled through the forest with a large party of refugees but gradually they were reduced into small amount because of hunger and monsters’ attack. Ran once asked his mother, Hua, why they left their hometown, but his mother would only answer with sobbings and “Bad people attacked our home, dear...” in shaky voice, so the teen didn’t dare to ask any further about their hometown.

Ran and his mother encountered a terrible incident – his father, Naru, was attacked by a monster (Ran can’t remember what the monster is) to death. Hua broke down while the 5 years old Ran didn’t understand what happened. He only understood that his father was sleeping soundly and he tried to make his mother quiet so she wouldn’t disturb the sleeping father. Luckily another refugee who was able to use magic killed the monster before it can kill Ran and Hua. The kind uncle (or so Ran remembers – he can’t remember everything clearly) guarded him and his mother afterwards, teaching him how to use Wind magic so at least he could protect himself in the forest. Luckily, 3 months later, they arrived at Emlyn safely. Since then, Ran never saw the kind uncle ever again.

The first time little Ran saw Chun Tian when he arrived at the North Section of Emlyn, he was immediately dazzled by the beautiful  handsome guardian and since then he has always idolized the Spirit. He always wanted to talk to the Guardian, but he would get nervous and blushing and shaking, so in his staying in Emlyn for 14 years he hasn’t said a word to Chun Tian but he always observed the Spirit from afar (no, he is not a stalker!!).

His first days in Emlyn with his mother were hard. They were poor and Naru was no longer with them, so Hua had to work really hard for both of them. Fortunately the civilians were very friendly and helpful so they were able to get by. Because of this, Ran respects his mother very much, and he also wants to help others as much as he was being helped by the civilians. Ran loves Emlyn very much (although he doesn’t show it) for the generous civilians and the beautiful surroundings (and the *coughbeautifulanddazzlingcough* kind Guardian).

Hua made (or forced, to be exact) Ran work as a tailor helper of course with a reason, no matter how Ran hates it. Since they were really poor, Hua couldn’t afford buying clothes for them. She could only buy fabrics for them and she left it untended for a while since she was busy working. Surprisingly, one day she found clothes, although messily sewn, were nice enough to wear. The 10 years old Ran had sewn clothes for her! Since that day, Hua made her son learn more about tailoring. Ran is talented in sewing although he isn’t really into it. Reaching age of 19, Hua forced Ran to be a tailor helper for experience, since she dreams they would have their own tailor shop and can finally free from any debt and live properly. Due to his respect to his mother, Ran does as she wants, although it’s not rare to see him slacking off or running away from his work. His work is fine and perfect though, so even though he often slacks off, his work is still decent.


 ·  Ran will always obey his mother’s words, no matter what it is

 ·  Ran isn’t actually an asexual person, he only hasn’t understood about love yet

 ·  Although he is talented in sewing, Ran actually wants to be a monster tamer (which is a zero chance – any monster will show hostile acts towards him) despite his bitter experience with the monsters from his childhood

 ·   Ran doubts he is a human (or at least he is not purely a human), but anything related to the past will trigger Hua’s tears, so he never asks her mother. He doesn’t even know his own birthday, and Hua never celebrates it for him as well

 ·   Ran’s hair tie is consists of Rune stones, a gift from the kind uncle, and most likely allows him to perform magic ability

 ·   Ran always brings a folding fan with him for he easily gets hot (another utility of the fan: hitting people’s body parts and pointing at something, and sometimes, for dancing when there is no one around him)

 ·   When Ran is drunken, something hilarious and terrible will happen...




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